Saturday, August 17, 2019

Latest happenings from the Pacific North West

We got a used riding mower, named ol' Yeller for obvious reasons. Had to do some repairs on it and 
got the trailer we brought from FL assembled and put on the back. Thanks to the movers for loosing
several important parts of the little trailer...Did I mention....THEY SUCK?

We've had deer on the property and hummingbirds are all around. 
It's been really fun trying to figure out al the new plants and we have a great tasting apple tree, sweet 
plumb and a tart Quince apple tree. Loads of blackberry plants, taste good but EVIL plants!


Some REALLY big trees here.
Getting them trimmed up the last couple weeks.
Arborist said these two out front are close to 200' high
and around 150-250 years old. 
That's pretty dang cool :-)

Two of them out back I flew the drone up to the top to see how tall they were.
The Douglas Fir was 129'
and the Sitka Spruce was 103.
The ones out at the driveway are even taller.

Right out the window of the travel trailer (Norma).

She likes her new (to us) garden tractor.
Might have something to do with the beer can holder...hehehe

Everyday sight around here.

Never demo a old trailer!!!

Still have my socks on, just like in FL.
Lot more oww-eees though.

On the way back from Newport, just south of us on the coast.

Run, Forest, Run!!!

Don't know what to say about this one but it was funny ;-)

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