Saturday, August 17, 2019

Norma, the new (to us) travel trailer

We bought this one about a mile away here in Otis. Really well loved and we thought she'd be the total answer for having to move out of the double wide trailer while we build a new home next year.
Ended up having a bit of a leak issue in the pop out so we had to do a major floor repair.
The fun just doesn't seem to end up here but we made the best of it and remodeled by taking out the
old couch/bed and putting in a nice Lazy Boy recliner we found online. SO MUCH BETTER!!!


Previous couch/bed.

Dining table area and the far right 
had a long time water leak from the 
exterior trim not being installed
correctly at the factory.
The previous owners had no idea it was leaking
and we didn't either until we took the couch out.

The Misses, test fitting the new couch out.
Hard to find good help these days :-)

Area we had to remove that was bad.

We took out the dining area and installed 
the door from the old trailer as a desk.
Covered it in vinyl flooring that is the same as
what we used on the pop-out after we did the repairs.
Even used the door knob hole for the wiring on the computer.
Turned out really nice and actually much more functional now.
AMAZING what you can do with some BEER-BUILDING!!!

Table extension we built for a bigger counter.
 Yep she's ALWAYS

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