Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Little Shop of Horrors

This is the work shop that was here. No clue why it hadn't blown away or caught fire 
with all the crazy construction ideas. 4' on center 2x4 roof truss, sort of truss that is.
The electrical was so bad I had to rip it all out and re-wire it just to get moved in.
We'll get this remodeled after the trailers are moved into 
the old spot where the double wide came out of. 
Got some really cool plans for a nice big shop to keep me entertained while it's yucky out this winter.

This is what we started with, nothing square or plumb.

Crazy framing ideas ???

Beside the shop is a two story apartment with a deck
on the back that is totally rotted.

Renter had been in here for a couple years, no bed 
and living on the floor. Hmmm

All the food was left behind, almost lost my lunch
when we had to move that fridge out.
Worst one ever and I've seen a ton of them
over the years.

That was an old building for a fuel tank 
I guess when it was a park/camp 
many years ago.

Shop cleaned out and waiting on the movers.

All the left behind beds!!!

Some more of the crazy framing ideas over the years.

The old and empty fuel tank was in this building.
They constructed it out of pilings and 
these 2x14's or so, it was a real 
pip to take down.

We are going to cut the old tank in half and 
make a couple burn barrels out of them.

Carport needed some adjustments!!!

Looks so much better without it there.

This was full of old crap, we cleaned it
out and built some quick racks to store 
materials removed from the double wide.

Upstairs apartment was just lovely!

We ripped all of that out and going to 
use it for storage.

Metal shower enclosure, just like the 
fiberglass and plastic ones 
they use now. 
Wonder why they ever changed, LOL.

More of that awesome wiring techniques.

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