Saturday, April 13, 2019

Off the beating path

We got into Nevada yesterday and decided to go look around the areas that are less traveled. 
Made it past Vegas and we didn't even stop on this trip but my slots playing hand sure was itching, HA.

Lots of open high desert out beyond Vegas.
Started exploring the remote areas by driving the 95 mile Extraterrestrial Highway.

All open range for the cattle so they get out in the 70 mph roads.
We saw one that didn't do so good unless it was dropped off by the alien ship???

 We missed any aircraft coming close by but one of the shop owners said it's very common to see 
a F-16 or drone flying by you at deck level. Was looking forward to that!!!

This is the famous Black Mailbox...
Here is the spiel on it.
Given they're the only landmark for 40 miles along the 375, they provide a handy meeting spot for UFO enthusiasts scanning the skies at night. Originally there was just one mailbox and it was black. Following extraordinary claims, people began to fill the box with messages addressed to aliens. A few of the more audacious visitors stole the mail in the belief it might contain clues about Area 51. When someone took it even further and shot holes into the mailbox, they swapped it out for a white, bulletproof version and added the Alien box beneath.

Several dust devils spinning up, sorry for the messy picture. 
Don't have my big computer to edit these out.

The Mojave Desert is so dry it's hard to believe the Yucca plants
and the larger Joshua trees can make it.

Little A'Le'Inn (pronounced Little Alien)Restaurant with UFO themed grub.

Lots of signed pictures from the greats!

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