Saturday, April 13, 2019

The big town of Tonopah, NV

Pretty nice little town that comes from silver mining. 
Lots of interesting places to check out.

This is an odd one, tried to get Trina to stay here since it's haunted and next
 to a cemetery but I got vetoed, LOL.

 Another haunted hotel, this one actually was the tallest 
building in Nevada for many years.

How can you go wrong with a outside bar called "The Bug Bar"?

Fire department next to the Water department? 
I see a conspiracy here!!!

 Family business???

Saw this at the gas pump this morning, not to surprised since it's so dry here.
Last night I pulled about a 3/8" blue spark off the end of my finger touching a light switch.
It was smarts!

We stopped off at the newer cemetery, their idea of new that is.

After there we went to the Central Nevada Museum, this was such a cool place
and loaded with things from mining, old towns and
 even a B-24 plane crash that happened near here.

Dishwasher "Automated"

Electric powered clothes washer/dryer. It had three settings 

 Just can't get her away from bookkeeping!!!

They used the wicker coffins to take you to the mortuary.

There were many Top Secret aircraft and weapons developed and tested right next door.

The Tonopah Test Range (TTR) is a restricted military installation located about 30 miles southeast of Tonopah, Nevada. It is part of the northern fringe of the Nellis Range, measuring 625 sq mi. Tonopah Test Range is located about 70 miles northwest of Groom Dry Lake,
the home of the Area 51 facility.

This is a gunner training manual from the B-24 that crashed near here.
They trained B-17 and B-24 gunners at Buckingham Airfield in Ft. Myers during WWII.

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