Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Out of Nevada

We were planning on a couple days at Virginia City, Nevada but the weather didn't play nice.
Off through Nevada and Northern California (where the gas is 3.99/gallon) and into Oregon today trying to stay ahead of some bad weather. I think the worst thing about California, besides the obvious, is they have a speed limit on folks towing trailers down to 55 mph so it took us FOREVER to get through it.

This is what we started out with this morning coming from Carson City.

It was chilly but sure was pretty from in the heated car.

All vehicles when towing 55 maximum (#@&)*&$)@

You know you're in California when they have a town called Weed :-)

Oh come on, it's just to easy!

Metal sculptures on I-5 in Northern California.

This one is a dragon that Trina caught.

Freaking YaHoooooooo, now we are getting somewhere!!!

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