Thursday, April 11, 2019

Our last park stop today was Walnut Canyon with all the cliff dwellings and a serious hike

This place was great, lots to see and even with the hike that about blew our couch potato hearts out trying to make it back up the stairs it was so worth it. Was in awe at how they lived in the area and flourished. We looked like goldfish out of water climbing back up at this altitude, BUT we did it!!!

Living on the Edge
What was it like to live in a small cliff dwelling in ancient times? Your primary source of water ran in a creek hundreds of feet beneath you. Your gardens struggled sunward on the rim, hundreds of feet above. Your neighbors consisted not only of people, but also of wildlife including ravens and ringtails, coyotes and cougars.
Walnut Canyon is a remarkable place! Explore here and discover what rangers, scientists, and visitors have learned in more than 100 years of preservation.
For more park info...Walnut Canyon Park

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